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Miller Weblift is an established international lifting slings manufacturer, experts in providing premium lifting and load restraint solutions. Our aim is to provide the highest possible quality to ensure peace of mind when conducting a lift. We offer consistent and reliable equipment to a range of worldwide destinations.

Our Core Values:

SAFETY: All of our lifting equipment is extensively tested to the latest safety standards and beyond.
We manufacture all of our lifting slings to the highest possible standard of quality.

SERVICE: Being very responsive to our customers’ requirements, we offer reliable services with the aim to build strong relationships with every business we work with.

INNOVATION: As lifting sling manufacturers, we pride ourselves on being experts in our industry. Consequently, we recognise the importance of being adaptable to new industry concepts and technology.

 The Miller Weblift Way

From yarn straight to you – At Miller Weblift we stand in a unique position because we weave the webbing here on site. This means that we control the complete manufacturing process, from the basic yarn right through to the end product, so you can be sure that you’ll receive the highest quality lifting equipment every time.

  1. The machines weave the yarn
  2. The webbing is colour dyed
  3. The webbing is cut to shape
  4. Precision stitched and hand finished
  5. Any required components are added
  6. Lifting slings go through a thorough inspection
  7. Securely packaged and delivered straight to you!

Operating Worldwide

We operate worldwide and obtain production facilities in Asia, Germany, Holland, France, Russia and the USA. Through the adoption of modern manufacturing techniques, Unitex Group is now the leading supplier of webbing, height safety and lifting equipment into Europe and continues to expand its overseas markets through its pioneering vision.

Unitex UK Ltd

Miller Weblift is part of the Unitex Group of companies in the UK, along with our other companies Marling Leek and RidgeGear. Together, Unitex is the world leader in textile web manufacturing today, and we have a history dating back over 70 years in the industry.

Marling Leek Ltd – (est. 1963) Technical Narrow Fabrics – Founded in 1963, Marling Leek is the UK’s most established manufacturer of webbing used in both commercial and automotive markets. The factory produces a comprehensive range of high quality webbings, belts, straps and lashings and we are the only manufacturer in the UK to produce webbing right through from the basic yarn to the finished product. Marling Leek is the world’s leading manufacturer of the aircraft seat belt.

RidgeGear Ltd – (est. 1998) Pioneers in Height Safety – At RidgeGear we design, manufacture and test to the highest specification, the most advanced height safety products available today. Using the latest computer aided design techniques, coupled with developed prototypes, RidgeGear successfully combines new designs with tried and tested components. This ensures our customers benefit from improved functionality and the knowledge that RidgeGear products give absolute security.


“We have purchased thousands of products from Miller Weblift, including polyester flat slings and roundslings. We know that every order we place results in the supply of a world-class, quality rigging product, backed by excellent after-sale support. Whether it be a batch of 1t, 1m slings for resale or a series of 40t, 20m slings for our hire fleet, we know we are sourcing from one of the industry’s leading suppliers. I’d urge any LiftEx visitor to talk to Miller Weblift”

– Alan Varney, Operations Director at Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd



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