Our Ultralift round slings are made from Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fibre™. Ultralift lifting slings have become an essential lifting tool over the last decade for special and heavy lifting operations. The material has proven itself during this period as a substitute for steel wire ropes and chains in demanding areas.

Dyneema® is an Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and is manufactured by Royal DSM. The Unitex Group has been the first licensee partner of DSM to manufacture lifting slings out of Dyneema® and the applications are almost unlimited.

  • Round slings up to 180T safety factor 7:1
  • 10% of the weight of traditional wire rope slings
  • Floats on water and is extremely durable and resistant to moisture, micro-organisms, UV light and chemical attack (including acid)
  • Low weight – low density
  • Works in temperatures ranging from -60°c and +70°c
  • Exercises precise lifting and therefore good control of the load
  • Also available as wear sleeves and corner protection products

Round Slings

Designed for repetitive lifts, our Ultralift® round slings are exceptionally suitable for lifting jobs where abrasion resistance and flexibility is required. These slings are produced in 100% Dyneema®.

The construction of a round sling is divided into the load bearing core and the protection sleeve. Ultralift® round slings are always made from high performance fibres – Dyneema® which makes the sling very light in weight compared to steel based slings.

ULEX Premium Round Slings

The premium lifting slings consist of a hybrid sleeve consisting of an interlayer of polyester and an outer layer of polyamide. Due to its load bearing core, the ULEX is the absolute supreme quality round sling.

  • EX round slings comply to the machinery directives 2006/42/EG
  • EX round slings comply to European conformity (CE) according to the requirements of the European machinery directives
  • Applicable to lifting procedures up to 180T
  • Good UV resistance

Coil Round Slings

This patented Ultralift® sling has been specifically developed for lifting coils and loads which are very heavy and sharp. Consisting of two parts – a light duty Dyneema® sling fitted with an UltraProtect heavy duty wear sleeve (covering both legs) which is extremely resistant to cuts and abrasion. It is therefore unnecessary to use extra protection. For over a decade large steel companies are using these particular lifting slings as an alternative for braided steel-wire rope mats.

UltraProtect Wear Sleeves and Corner Protection

The UltraProtect range consists of wear sleeves and corner protection made from Dyneema® HMPE. It has been specifically developed for round and flat slings in order to protect lifting slings against extreme abrasion or sharp edges. UltraProtect can be cut through the movement of wire ropes, therefore we recommend choosing material that is a size larger. Furthermore, due to the firm hook and loop fastening, they are very practical in use and quick to fit and adjust. Available in various sizes, for most types of round slings (1 leg or 2 legs), flat slings and other lifting equipment.



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